Winter 2023

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Annual Charity Fundraiser

In July, we hosted our annual charity fundraiser to support Dress for Success at Threadbare Cider. We had 8 baskets and raised over $1,800 dollars! We also collected donations of clothing and other needed items to donate to Dress for Success! 

Etna EcoDistrict Tour

We learned about and toured the Etna EcoDistrict thanks to Mary Ellen Ramage and Megan Tuñón! We received a technical overview of all the the innovative and environmental efforts that Etna Borough has undergone over the years and spent touring them! 

We wrapped up the tour with a Happy Hour at the Rear End Gastropub & Garage!

Mentoring Coffee Meetups

This year, the Mentoring Committee started hosting Coffee Meetups in the morning for folks to get together for their morning coffee, meet other members, and mix up the start to the day! 

We hope to continue this in 2024 - and we're always open to location ideas.

Keep an eye out for our next one! 

Weekend Getaway

We had 26 attendees this year at Camp Soles! We enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities throughout the weekend, such as hiking, archery, puzzles, yoga, campfires, and more! It was fun to meet new members and spend time in nature together!

We were so excited to have doubled our attendance from last year and thank everyone for coming and making new memories with SWEP! 

Member Happy Hour

We turned our conference booth into a SWEP Lounge during the Three Rivers Wet Weather conference this year for visitors to relax and visit during the conference! 

After the conference, we hosted a happy hour for our members. Thanks to all who visited with us!

Green and Blue Spaces

In November we met in North Park with an incredible panel! Our panel included Joey-Linn of Allegheny County Parks Foundation, Heather Hulton VanTassel of Three Rivers Waterkeeper and

Sean Brady of Hollow Oak Land Trust to discuss why green and blue spaces are important to our health, habitat and sustainability for the future.

Afterward, we enjoyed snacks at Over the Bar Cafe in North Park.

Thank you to our panelists for their time and for offering their expertise in this important conversation!

Member Appreciation Event

SWEP wanted to thank our members with a fun holiday event to wrap up 2023! We met at Cinderlands Warehouse in the Strip District and had wonderful ladies from The Farmer's Daughter teach and provide us with the materials to create beautiful wreaths to take home! 

Thank you to our members for a great 2023, we can't wait to see what we all do together in 2024!

2023 Donations

SWEP made donations to the organizations represented by our speakers during our Green and Blue Spaces event in November. We also made a donation to Camp Soles, who hosts our annual weekend getaway!

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Not just a number at Geosyntec

Recruiting thoughtfully to maintain company culture

In 2022 Geosyntec announced approval of a majority investment by Blackstone Energy Partners to fuel our continued leadership in our core markets while accelerating Geosyntec’s continued growth and success in new and emerging markets and geographies. As we grow our Pittsburgh office and globally, it becomes even more crucial to recruit talented people that not only embrace our culture of delivering technical excellence and sharing expertise with early and mid-career professionals, but also bring new energy and opinions that enable productive change. The professional services industry grows when we establish trust and build deep and meaningful relationships with clients. As growth becomes our company’s new norm, the same growth-based client culture becomes critical to internal teams and to cross-organizational collaboration as well. New practitioners joining the firm have to be technically intelligent and possess trust-building active listening skills.

Thoughtfulness of this nature has and continues to pay dividends in maintaining a culture that empowers our people. It is important for principals and senior principals to keep this sentiment top of mind when change has become the new baseline. Rebeka Hall, a Senior Principal Environmental Scientist says it best when she states that we are “not a number”—we are all part of the company’s success.

Check out Rebeka’s recruiting approach here: Recruiting the Right People | Rebeka Hall - YouTube

Interested in joining us? Check out Geosyntec career opportunities here: Careers (

ms consultants takes great pride in our support of the SWEP Three Rivers Chapter and is thrilled to have the opportunity to be the exclusive Sapphire sponsor for this year. The SWEP Three Rivers Chapter's mission perfectly aligns with our company's commitment to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives, including the ms Women’s Group, our employee resource group for women at ms.

About the ms Women’s Group

The ms Women's Group (msWG) is dedicated to empowering women within our organization by fostering supportive relationships in an environment that encourages openness and honesty. The group’s main objective is to cultivate skills within women to foster success in both ms and the engineering, architecture, and construction industries while promoting equity in business and emboldening them to achieve their full potential.

msWG hosts industry panels, promotes community involvement, encourages networking, and more. Combined with the ms Young Professionals group, our DEI initiatives promote equity and inclusion throughout the industry.

Celebrating 60 Years

ms consultants celebrated a huge milestone this year – 60 years of business! Established in 1963 as a family-owned firm, ms has become a trusted leader in the architecture, engineering, and planning industries. Since our opening, we have grown to cover a wide range of services, including sustainable design, environmental services, construction, and more.

Since expanding into various multi-discipline different services, we have successfully completed projects in every state in the contiguous United States. In the past decade, we’ve also:

  • Completed 5,500+ projects
  • Continued to offer 400+ different services
  • Completed projects worth more than $5.6 billion in construction costs

We are continuously evolving to meet the needs of our communities and clients and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Connect with us today via our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Environmental Site Assessment and Compliance Audits:

Ensuring a Sustainable Future

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and Compliance Audits are essential tools in safeguarding our environment and ensuring that businesses and industries adhere to environmental regulations. These practices play a critical role in identifying potential environmental risks, promoting responsible land use, and maintaining a sustainable future.

An Environmental Site Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a property’s environmental condition. It is typically conducted before real estate transactions or development projects to identify any potential environmental liabilities. There are two main types of ESAs:

  • Phase I ESA: This is an initial assessment that involves a thorough review of historical records, site inspections, and interviews with property owners and occupants. The aim is to identify any potential environmental concerns, such as the presence of hazardous materials or contamination.
  • Phase II ESA: If the Phase I ESA reveals potential risks, a Phase II assessment is conducted. This phase involves sample collection and laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of contaminants and assess their extent.

Compliance audits focus on ensuring that businesses and industries adhere to environmental regulations and standards. These audits help in identifying any non-compliance issues and recommend corrective actions. Key aspects of compliance audits include:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Auditors review a facility’s operations to ensure they comply with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. This includes assessing emissions, waste management, and the handling of hazardous materials.
  • Permitting and Reporting: Ensuring that businesses have the necessary permits and are accurately reporting their environmental activities, including emissions, waste disposal, and chemical usage.

The Importance of ESA and Compliance Audits:

  • ESA and compliance audits help prevent environmental damage by identifying potential issues early. This proactive approach safeguards ecosystems and public health.
  • Ensuring that businesses comply with environmental regulations, thereby avoiding costly legal troubles and fines, while also promoting responsible corporate citizenship.
  • Identifying and mitigating environmental risks early can save businesses and property owners from future financial and reputational liabilities.
  • ESAs aid in promoting sustainable land use and development. By identifying and remediating contamination, it allows for the safe and responsible repurposing of land.

Here at Moody and Associates, Inc., Environmental Site Assessments and Compliance Audits are indispensable tools for protecting our environment and ensuring that our clients operate in an environmentally responsible manner. By addressing potential risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting sustainable development, these practices contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for all. For more information on these services and others, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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